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A triptych


Bahia, Colonna, Tozzetto


Everything started after we met the man of the marble, mr. Parisi, in his marvellously rude laboratory in Genova.

Through him we got in touch with the impressive ways of working stone. We learned that even such a hard material could become butter. We traveled around with our friend mr. Parisi, who introduced us to the extraordinary world of marble.

During the trip we discovered
the multiple facets of marble beauty. We also visited
anachronistic stone laboratories.

Above all during that trip and our collaboration with mr. Parisi,

We learned how much of beautiful marble becomes unused waste.

Since then it began the love story between marble leftovers and AMArchitectrue.

Meanwhile we started working at F / A fake authentic exhibition for the Milano Design Week 2019.

The great success of this exhibition took the nice guys of hus/VG13 to ask us to bring F / A to the Sala delle Colonne in Villa Reale.

Hus/VG13 took also part in F / A in Milano and this is why we get dying for blue. But also another nice team took part in F / A, Laboratorio Bìu presented a marvelleous psychedelic space designed by wood light.

And that’s why we got in love with them.

Out of the blue is the result of a successful team work between AMAarchitectrue and Laboratorio Bìu. 


We designed a bench with a blue marble seat supported by a mirroring folded metal sheet.

We designed a coat hanger made by oversized black, white and beige marble nail.

We designed a mirroring column with a beatiful marble hat and shoes.

We designed a triptych for the entrance hall of hus / vg13 office in villa guardia.

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